Volunteer Mission: August 2010 Messiah UMC

 Hello All,

The Messiah UMC Mission Team from Minnesota had great trip to Bolivia in August. The team and the KW Home would like to thank everyone who helped to make this trip possible! Feel free to check out my “Coordinator’s Log” (below) for a quick peek into our 10-day adventure, and feel free to add comments and pictures.

Thank you again! – Elizabeth Barricklow, International Volunteer Coordinator



Trip: Mission Team from Messiah United Methodist Church of Minneapolis, MN

Dates: August 6-15, 2010


Meet the Team

This team’s leader, Linda Seaton, was part of the original Minnesotan crew that came to Bolivia several years ago to help with the early phases of KW Home construction. (Anyone familiar with the colorful Loaves & Fish mural on the KW Home’s kitchen wall? That was Linda’s team!) This year, she decided to share her dedication to the Home by organizing another mission team from MUMC. We were blessed with a mixed group of fabulous single ladies, brave teens traveling solo, and two complete families venturing out on the ultimate bonding experience (parents, teenagers, and even an up-for-anything 10-year-old!) 

The Missiah UMC Mission Team was a great mix of adults, teens, and families.

One of two families on the team, Kami & John Pohl brought their 10-year-old daughter, Kara, who was, to the delight of the KW Kids, fluent in Spanish!


Birthday Fun in Tacachia


 After a fun City Tour of La Paz with our tour guide, Victor, we headed to Tacachia to begin our visit to the KW Home. Lucky for us, it was Birthday Time again at the KW Home! This month, Rene turned 6 and Jhenny turned 8, and they shared their celebration with Educator Justina. Thanks to the creative genius of Carol Erickson (Director of Children & Family Ministry at MUMC), we pumped up the birthday party with a variety of unique and fun craft projects. Teen volunteer Lee Thompson brought a unique and hugely popular talent to the party – making balloon animals and balloon hats!


Birthday Girl Jhenny makes a wish.


Birthday Boy Rene gets a special balloon hat.

Linda and Jocelyn at the puppet-making station.

Kids from the community also joined in activities such as decorating sunglasses. This little guy (on Nicole's lap) took his sunglasses VERY seriously. :)

Even Rita took a break from the kitchen to decorate sunglasses with Jhimy.



Carrying the Work Torch in Tacachia


Following in the footsteps of our other dedicated 2010 volunteer teams, the group continued to work on various painting and farm projects for the Kory Wawanaca Children’s Home in Tacachia. 


Teen volunteers Matt and Michael help Ernesto pour cement on the (almost finished!) Tacachia basketball court.


The “Rock Crew” not only finished clearing the field for the new orchard, but also dug several large holes for trees. The "Paint Crew" created a mural of flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs in the older girls' room.

Jhuliza helps the Paint Crew.



Embracing the Kory Wawanaca Experience

As always, the best part of our visit to Tacachia was simply being part of the KW Family. Instead of returning to La Paz on Wednesday morning, we decided to stay until Friday, which turned out to be a great experience for all.

Kami & John read a book with Alberto & Jhonathan.

Ron finds a friend in little Juara.

Kara helps with the KW's weekly task of bread-baking.

Matt & Michael eat lunch with the boys.

Lee & Jose read a book.

Leanne & Humberto make a friendship bracelet.




Leaving Bolivia… Eventually

The team wrapped up the trip with a visit to Lake Titicaca on Saturday and headed to the airport at the brutally early hour of 4 a.m. on Sunday for their flight home… At the airport, they found out their plane had not arrived from Miami. They were told to return that evening for an overnight flight. Meanwhile, American Airlines gave them vouchers to spend the day at what Victor called “the nicest hotel in La Paz” – Hotel Europa. A breakfast buffet with an omlette station and a lunch buffet with a whole table of fancy desserts helped make the unexpected wait much more bearable! However, we returned to the airport to meet with more complications and waiting… (A true developing world travel experience.) Eventually, we all made it onto our overnight flight and then HOME SWEET HOME!



Thank you, MUMC Mission Team, for a wonderful trip! It was great to have the families along as well as our brave solo-traveling teen volunteers. You all have the work ethic, heart, and fun sense of humor (!) of true servants. We’re so grateful that you’re a part of the Kory Wawanaca Family!

Thank you, MUMC Team! We'll miss you!

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